B & T
General Contracting and Construction Management, Inc.


B & T has broad experience in both private and municipal construction projects.  From retail store, office building construction, and tenant build out, to expanding and updating municipal properties, we have the skills and knowledge to handle your project.

New Construction and Tenant Improvements 

Utilizing our design team or your plans B & T will handle all the details of the new construction.  From site construction to project completion we take the worry out of your project.  Efficient scheduling, comprehensive project coordination, and detailed quality control result in projects delivered on time and in budget. These same methods are modified for specific tenant improvements delivering the same quality and timely completion to your tenant needs.

Income Property 

B & T has extensive experience in income property rental renovations and improvements.  By maximizing usable space, energy improvements, tenant comfort issues, and building code updates we can ensure your buildings safety and comfort while increasing rent and tenant retention.  These type of updates help insure tenant satisfaction, and control property management expenses.

Energy and Building Code Updates 

With ever increasing energy costs B & T will design your project to maximize energy efficiency. By replacing old windows, doors, and insulation with new energy efficient materials the cost of installation is usually recovered in a short timeframe by substantially reducing your overall energy costs and footprint. Additionally by updating existing structures to current codes, you can ensure your buildings safety and comfort while increasing its resale value.

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